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Wholesale Releasable Cable Ties

AndFel’s wholesale releasable cable ties are designed for easy removal and reuse. They feature a specialized release mechanism that allows the cable tie to be released for reuse, instead of having to be cut and discarded. Releasable cable ties can be removed, repositioned, or reused again and again, which saves time and money.

Wholesale releasable cable ties are perfect for applications where the cable tie is continually being removed. The releasable tab on the tie is convenient and simple to use; simply press on the release mechanism and pull the tie through the top. Releasable cable ties are a smart choice for just about any application.

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Easy-To-Use, Wholesale Releasable Cable Ties

We sell wholesale reusable cable ties in various widths, lengths and styles making it easy to find the right one for your unique needs. We stock wide style (5/16”) and narrow style (3/16”) reusable cable ties in lengths ranging from 6” to 29.5” with a 50 lbs. tensile strength. All versions of these wholesale reusable cable ties are available in natural or black.

Like all AndFel cable ties, wholesale releasable cable ties can be custom printed to your specifications.

Features & Benefits of Wholesale Releasable Cable Ties

  • Available in lengths from 6” to 29.5”
  • Narrow (3/16”) and wide (5/16”) styles available
  • 50 lbs. tensile strength
  • Releasable functionality provides continued use
  • Color: natural or black
  • Custom printing available

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