At hospitals, medical and dental offices, and other similar locations, medical safety is a key concern. Though it deservedly takes a back seat to the medical care and health of patients, medical safety is also of high importance, as it keeps hospital equipment, medical devices, medicine/drugs, and other sensitive items secure from tampering, misuse, and theft.

Dependable & Easy-to-Use Safety/Security Devices

While potentially hazardous items are generally kept behind locked doors when not in use, most of them are frequently used on the hospital floor, where keeping them safe is not always easy. For situations where locks are unavailable or impractical, AndFel offers numerous medical safety solutions.

We offer a range of products that will help keep medical carts, storage lockers, biohazard waste bins, and the like secure, while offering quick and easy access for authorized personnel. Our inventory includes:

Many of our security seal products are available with custom-printing. Serial numbers, ID numbers, bar codes, twin numbers or other vital information can be printed directly on the products themselves for quick reference. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

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