Without the efforts of facilities management experts, the operations of office blocks, convention centers, universities, and other businesses utilizing large buildings or campuses would grind to a halt. One of the most important aspects of facility management is safety. Facility safety management includes limiting access to restricted areas, securing potentially hazardous equipment and supplies, and providing safety measures such as fire extinguishers, among many other duties.

Reliable & Affordable Safety/Security Equipment

Ensuring the safety of personnel, tenants, and visitors, as well as the proper storage of equipment, etc., requires reliable safety and security devices. Cabinets, safes, and other storage areas must remain locked, and fire extinguishers and other tools must be secured against improper use, theft, and vandalism. For some of these applications, traditional padlocks aren’t always ideal. Luckily, AndFel offers affordable, high quality alternatives.

We stock a large inventory of security seals and safety seals for facility safety management purposes. All our safety/security products provide outstanding performance, versatility, and ease of use. We offer:

Many of our security seal products can be custom-printed with bar codes, serial or ID numbers, or nearly any other label you may require. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

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