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Avery Dennison Tag Attachers

Avery Dennison tag attachers and tag attaching products are useful for a broad range of applications, but in recent years, many distributors have reduced their stock, leading to long lead times for buyers who need these products.
AndFel is an authorized distributor of Avery Dennison Swiftach tag attaching products. We supply a full line of tag attaching equipment and fasteners, with a variety of styles, lengths, and colors available.
We stock Avery Dennison tag attachers in wholesale volumes so our customers can get what they need without unreasonably long waits. Moreover, AndFel is centrally-located in Springville, Indiana, which means customers who order from us can get what they need in as little as 4 days—or even faster, with next day air service available.
Need high performance Swiftach tag attachers? Need tag attacher supplies in wholesale quantities? Need it all fast? Look no further than AndFel. Contact us today.

Tag Attachers for All Applications

Yes, customers purchase clothing tag attachers for retail applications, but tag attachers are useful for more than just clothing. Many manufacturers use tag attachers to aid the assembly process. Tag attachers are popular for automotive applications as well.
AndFel offers a wide range of tag attachers and related products to help you get the job done quickly and easily. Our most popular tag attaching equipment includes:
  • Swiftach tag attachers: for those who need a clothing tag attacher for fine fabrics, heavy duty materials, and everything in between
  • Microtach tag attachers: for small and/or intricate tag attaching applications
  • Secur-A-Seals: tamper-evident loops that can be used to attach tags and prevent theft
  • Display hooks: for easy merchandise display
  • Staple systems: from elastic to plastic, to bind a broad range of tagged items 
If you’re having trouble finding the right product for your tag attaching needs, please contact us! AndFel’s expert team will help you select the right tag attacher product for your unique application.

Fast Shipping for Tagging Guns

We are committed to serving our loyal customers by maintaining a large stock of Avery Dennison tag attachers and related products in wholesale quantities. Avoid long lead times and delayed shipments – chose a distributor based in the heart of the Midwest. From our location in Indiana, we can ship anywhere in the US – fast.
With more than 40 years of experience, AndFel knows that distributing Avery Dennison tag attachers requires more than just shipping orders – it requires expertise and service, too. We will not only ensure that you get what you need, when you need it, we will also take the time to help you find the Avery Dennison tag attacher that suits your needs best.

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