AndFel Corporation is the #1 source for cable ties, custom packaging, security seals, and other top quality products. With a huge inventory of highly versatile products, we serve customers in a wide range of industries. See below for a brief rundown of what we do for the industries we work with the most often, or follow the links for more detailed information.

Facility Management

 Office blocks, university campuses, and other large public buildings and facilities demand reliable safety and security devices. AndFel Corporation offers padlock seals, Cartlock security seals, Pull-Tite seals, and other quality products that are ideal for locking and securing cabinets, safes, and storage rooms.

Food Processing

 Food processing is a big business, and the myriad procedures involved require a variety of specialty equipment. From simple twist ties that keep bread bags sealed to cable ties for sealing and marking ingredient containers to metal-content cable ties that will show up in X-ray inspection, AndFel offers numerous products for this highly regulated industry.


 To protect valuable cargo being shipped via air, on cargo ships, and over the road, AndFel Corporation supplies a variety of safety and security devices. We offer metal truck door seals, bolt seals, cable seals, and other reliable, easy-to-use products. Many of our products for the transportation industry are C-TPAT compliant.


 Safety is a key concern in any medical setting, be it a hospital, dental office, or walk-in clinic. In the medical industry, countless potentially hazardous items are used every day, and keeping those items secure is of utmost importance. AndFel stocks Strap-Lock security seals, Cartlock seals, plastic mini seals, and more to help keep medical supplies and equipment safe.


 The utility industry is of immeasurable importance in the modern world, supplying the electricity, water, and gas we all need. As such, utility meters, vaults, and other structures need to be kept safe against damage and misuse. To that end, AndFel Corporation offers a variety of safety products, including padlocks, galvanized seals, cable ties, and much more.


While there’s no substitute for brick-and-mortar stores and in-person shopping—online retailers be danged!—dealing with real, live customers means retailers have to protect their products against theft and misuse. From heavy duty zip ties to Cartlock plastic seals and more, AndFel offers numerous solutions for retail safety and security.

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