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Wholesale Swiftach System 1000 Tagging Gun

The Swiftach System 1000 is a revolutionary tagging gun that allows you to tag 1,000 pieces of clothing without stopping to reload. The Swiftach System 1000 is designed to save you time by making tag attaching more efficient. This tagging gun also comes with a secret weapon: a mechanism that prevents gun jams. It’s both fast and worry-free.System 1000 fasteners have large paddle to prevent ticket switching and have no waste strip to discard of when the roll has been used up. Click below or contact us today for more information.

Fast Shipping for Swiftach Tagging Guns

Have you ordered Avery Dennison tag attaching products only to be frustrated by long lead times and delayed shipments? Some distributors have reduced their stock of Avery Dennison products. That’s why lead times for these products can often be so unreasonably long.

AndFel is based right in the heart of the Midwest – in Indiana – and maintains a large stock of Avery Dennison Swiftach tagging guns. When you order the Swiftach System 1000 from us, you’ll receive it quickly and without delay. Need more reasons to order from us? We have more than 40 years of experience and a deep knowledge of these products. We can help you ensure that the tagging gun you buy is the right one for your application.

Ready to buy a Swiftach System 1000? Contact AndFel today!