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Wholesale Tear-Off Cable Ties

Also known as EZ off cable ties, our wholesale tear-off cable ties are the perfect option for your temporary tie down application needs. The unique quick-release arm allows the wholesale tear-off cable tie to be removed without a cutting device. Simply pull down on the arm and the tie breaks free, fast and easy.

Wholesale EZ off cable ties are perfect for applications where the cable tie needs to be removed quickly without the requirement of a cutting device. The quick release arm is simple to use and allows the wholesale tear-off cable tie to be removed quickly and easily. Wholesale EZ off cable ties are the correct choice for applications that require cable tie tear-off capabilities. 

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Easily Removable, Wholesale Tear-Off Cable Ties

We sell wholesale EZ off cable ties in 6” lengths with a width of 5/32”. They are available in a wide range of colors, including: red, blue, yellow, green, black, orange, and natural with a tensile strength of 30 lbs., which makes it easy to find the right tear-away cable tie for your unique needs.

Wholesale EZ Off Cable Tie Applications

Single-use tear-away cable ties are ideal for a broad range of applications, some of which include:
  • Product packaging
  • Temporarily bundling wires for concerts or stage shows
  • Gardening—tether plants to stakes
  • Arts & crafts
  • Temporary fix for missing buttons or zipper tabs
  • Securing small cargo during transport or travel
  • and much, much more

Features & Benefits of Wholesale Tear-Away Cable Ties

  • Made of nylon 6/6
  • 30 lbs. tensile strength
  • 5/32” (4mm) width
  • 1/16” (1mm) thick
  • Bundling diameter of 1 ½” (38mm)
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Custom printing available to brand your wholesale EZ off cable ties

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