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Wholesale Custom Printed Cable Ties

Custom printed cable ties provide a way for your projects to be easily recognizable and traceable, with the bonus of being able to promote your business. Custom printed zip ties provide protection and added security for certain applications. Wholesale custom printed zip ties are also ideal for promotional purposes at trade shows or other events. Other projects that could easily incorporate custom printed cable ties, include: 

  • Bundling wire
  • Telecommunications
  • Product identification
  • Container closure
  • Branding and promotion
  • And many more

Fully Customized Printed Zip Ties

At AndFel we can custom print your logo, company name, part numbers, and more directly on to the wholesale custom printed cable ties that you order. These custom printed zip ties can be used as part of an identification process or you can use them as a marketing tool. Our wholesale zip ties are also available custom packaged to satisfy your job requirement. With AndFel’s custom printing services, you are not only getting a quality printing job, you are also getting a superior quality product that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.
Contact us regarding our printed cable ties. We have the capabilities to fully customize any of our zip ties for your project needs.

Wholesale Custom Printed Zip Tie Benefits 

When you order custom printed cable ties from AndFel, you can expect a high-quality printing job with a fast turnaround time. Additionally, we do not require minimum orders, so you never need to worry about paying for more than you need. Wholesale custom printed zip ties provide numerous benefits, with custom printed zip ties, you can: 
  • Add a unique identifier
  • Make your brand stand out
  • Provide added security for your in-process manufacturing

Other Printed Cable Tie Advantages

Why choose wholesale custom printed zip ties?  There are many reasons to personalize cable ties. Though we can customize zip ties for just about any purpose, the most common include:
  • Branding: Add your brand name or logo to custom printed zip ties as a visual reminder of your company's commitment to excellence.
  • Security: Sequential numbers on zip ties can improve traceability and add an extra layer of protection.
  • Clarity: Many manufacturers eliminate guesswork for assemblers by adding small diagrams to zip ties, making it clear as to which tie goes with which part.

Hot Stamped Custom Printed Cable Ties

AndFel has many years of experience custom printing wholesale cable ties. Whether it is a complex set of sequential numbers or simply a clean looking logo, we can hot stamp whatever you need on a variety of our cable ties. Both the ties and the printing can come in several different colors as well, making your stamp truly unique.
Visit the Cable Ties section of our online catalog to view the fastener you would like customized. All our wholesale cable ties can be custom printed.
Our custom print jobs have a maximum of 25 characters per print.

Custom Printed Cable Ties Custom Printed Releasable Cables

Custom Printed Cable Ties

Shortest Lead Times for Printed Cable Ties in the Industry!

All our wholesale custom printed zip ties require a 3-4 week lead time. For a nominal fee, we also offer rush service, which provides even faster turnaround times. In both cases, the custom job turnaround remains one of the leading turnaround times in the industry. We guarantee to get your custom printed cables to you when you need them! 

Contact AndFel Today for Wholesale Custom Printed Cable Ties

AndFel is an Indiana-based company that is well-known for reliability and superior work quality. Our customers know us by name and return to us again and again because we're able to provide service with a distinctive touch. Ready to place your order for custom zip ties? Contact us for a quote today to get started. 
Custom Printed Zip Ties