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Wholesale Custom Printed Security Seals

Security seals are devices that are used to seal various types of containers, providing tamper evidence and some level of security. These types of seals can assist in the detection of theft and accidental or deliberate contamination. Wholesale custom security seals are an inexpensive way to reduce theft and to provide tamper evidence.
Plastic security seals are manufactured in two styles; adjustable or fixed length. Adjustable length seals can fit numerous applications. They have an adjustable length much like a cable tie, but offer a much higher security level with sequential numbering. We also can custom bar-code our seals, or have the company name and logo printed or laser etched on.
Fixed length seals have more specific application requirements than adjustable seals, so they tend to be used mostly as transport seals. Most fixed length seals can also be branded and numbered for extra security.
We have the capabilities to custom print any of our custom security seals. Contact us for more information on our wholesale custom printed security seals today.

Tite-Lock Plastic Truck Door Seal - AndFel Corp  Tite-Lock Plastic Truck Door Seal - AndFel Corp

Custom Printed Security Seal Applications

Tampering doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's important to be aware of it immediately. Security seals not only deter tampering, they also serve as evidence that a prank, theft, or malicious act has occurred. Our wholesale security seals offer reliable protection for a wide range of items, such as:
  • Vital Containers
  • Sensitive instruments on important equipment
  • Freight being transported across the country
  • Carts and cabinets

Wholesale Security Seal Advantages

Custom printed security seals offer an additional layer of protection. These are just a few examples of how you can use custom printing to increase security:
  • Track the locked item with a sequential numbering system
  • List the package as belonging to a company or brand
  • Identify it with a bar code
  • Label an item with a name
Most of the wholesale security seals on our website can be hot stamped or thermal transferred with any result you may desire.

Shortest Lead Times in the Industry!

 If there's one thing we're proud of at AndFel, it's that we keep lead times short. Many other wholesale fastener suppliers take up to 12 weeks to deliver custom printed security seals. When you order from AndFel, your wait will be 4 weeks - maximum. What's more, we're centrally located in Indiana, so ground shipping usually takes no more than 4 days, no matter where you are in the U.S.

Tite-Lock Plastic Truck Door Seal - AndFel Corp Tite-Lock Plastic Truck Door Seal - AndFel Corp

No Minimum Orders Required

Most companies that offer custom printing require that you order a minimum of at least 1,000 pieces. We understand that it can be frustrating to have to order more than you need. At AndFel, we do not require minimum orders. We're happy to complete your custom printing job, no matter how many - or how few - security seals you need.

Contact AndFel Today for Wholesale Custom Printed Security Seals

At AndFel our customers are our number 1 priority. Contact us for more information regarding our short lead times and quick shipments on our wholesale custom security seals, or request a quote today.

Standard Duty Pull Tite Seal - AndFel Corp Standard Duty Pull Tite Seal - AndFel Corp