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Custom Printing and Packaging

Customize your cable ties
Custom Printed Cable Ties
Custom Printed Security Seals
Custom Printed Security Seals

AndFel Corporation offers bulk order, custom printing and
packaging services with the industry's fastest turnaround.


Cable ties, zip ties, security seals and many of our other products can be personalized with your custom identification information, legends, sequential numbers, graphics, and logos. They can even be packaged to your preference. All of our cable ties, zip ties, and security seals can be printed, so browse through our site to find the perfect product for you.

Are you interested in getting one of the ties or seals you already own custom printed? No problem! Send the cable tie or seal product you already own to us and we can do just the custom print job. For further details, feel free to contact us.

Custom print jobs at other locations require you to fulfill a print order of over 1,000 tie or seal pieces. At AndFel Corporation, we have no minimum order number for our custom printing, while also offering special distributor pricing for custom printed ties and seals. We offer the shortest lead times for custom print jobs in the industry, where our maximum turn around time is no more than four weeks. Other companies may not be able to deliver until up to 12 weeks later!

If you’re looking for the best options in custom print jobs, contact AndFel Corporation today so we can meet your needs. Call or email today for a personalized quote!

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