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Security Seals

Security is too important to take lightly – a security seal can provide essential protection and peace of mind. Security seals are available in a wide range of styles designed to meet the needs of all types of applications.

AndFel Corporation offers a wide selection of dependable security seals. Our catalog includes:

  • Steel wire security seals
  • Plastic padlocks
  • Corrosion-proof security seals
  • Tamper-proof security seals
  • Sequentially-numbered security seals
  • And much more!

Custom-Printed Security Seals

We offer custom printing and packaging options for bulk shipping. Custom-printed security seals can serve as miniature brand ambassadors; print your logo or brand name onto security seals to remind people why your customers choose you, or print barcodes for faster processing. Additionally, custom-printed seals can provide even more security.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of custom printing or to request a quote for custom-printed security seals.   

Cable Seals | Security for all types of cargo
Cable Seals
Truck Door Seals
Truck Door Seals
Bolt Seals
Bolt Seals
Standard Duty Pull-Tite Seals
Standard Duty Pull-Tite Seals
Veri-Seal Security Seals
Veri-Seal Security Seals
Strap-Lock Security Seals
Strap-Lock Security Seals
Plastic Padlock Mini Seals
Plastic Mini Seals
Plastic Padlock Seals | Wire Padlock Seals
Plastic & Wire Padlock Seals
Galvanized Wire & Seals
Galvanized Wire & Seals

Top-Selling Security Seals

Browse some of our most popular security seals:

  • AluLock Cable Seals offer the highest level of security. These security seals can only be removed with bolt cutters. The 3.5mm AluLock is C-TPAT compliant.
  • Metal Truck Door Seals are easy to use and offer the security you need when transporting goods across state lines.
  • Bolt Seals apply with the push of a finger, but won’t come off unless you use a bolt cutter. These security seals offer exceptionally strong protection. All of our bolt seals are C-TPAT compliant.
  • Pull-Tite Seals are tamper proof and affordable. Customize pull-tite security seals with your logo, barcode, sequential numbers, and more.
  • Padlock, Strap-Lock security seals, Plastic Truck Door Seal, and Wire Snap Lock security seals are just a few of the many plastic seals that we offer. We're confident that we carry an option that's just right for your application.

Tamper-Evident Security Seals

Tamper-evident seals can alert you immediately to instances of tampering. Whether the guilty party is a prankster or someone bent on doing serious harm, tamper-evident seals will make them think twice – and serve as evidence if they aren’t deterred.

Tamper-Proof Seals

For an extra level of security, choose our tamper-proof security seals. Seals like AluLock Cable Seals and Bolt Seals won’t come off without the use of bolt cutters. Tamper-proof security seals are a smart choice for anyone who wants to take the strongest possible precautions against tampering.

Ready to buy security seals? Contact AndFel today at 1-800-761-1296.

Zip Ties vs. Security Seals

Often, we discover that customers looking for zip ties are really in need of security seals. How can you tell if you should choose security seals over zip ties? If you’re looking for a custom-printed zip tie for security purposes, what you really need is a security seal; zip ties aren’t tamper-evident, but security seals are.

Get Security Seals Fast from AndFel

Because we're committed to offering the finest service and shortest lead times, you'll receive bulk orders of security seals fastest if you order from us. We offer security seals for a range of applications, such as:

  • Vital Containers
  • Sensitive instruments
  • Carts
  • Meters
  • Freight

A Supplier You Can Trust

Many of our customers have been with us for several years. Why? Because when they call, we know them by name – and they know us. We’ve been providing our services for more than 40 years. In that time, we have established ourselves as one of the most reliable suppliers of security seals, zip ties, twist ties and more. From our headquarters in Springville, Indiana, we serve customers all over the country.

Buy Security Seals

Contact us today for a quote or use the direct links below to preview many of our most popular security seals.

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