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Wholesale Write-On Twist Ties

If you are looking for an ultra-convenient way to seal and label a plastic bag, look no further than wholesale flag twist ties. Wholesale write on twist ties combine modern day ingenuity with hassle-free organization. If you have ever tried to write on a plastic bag, then you understand the frustration that it can bring. There are also times when a sealed plastic bag is preferable over an open bag, such as when you need to keep food fresh or prevent spillage. Wholesale write on cable ties solve both problems every time.
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Wholesale Twist Tie with Flag Features

AndFel’s wholesale write on cable ties are packaged in 125 count bundles, with a total of 5,000 write-on paper ties per case. In addition, white is the only stock color, but other colors and samples are available upon request. Some of the other features associated with our wholesale paper twist tie with flag products, include:
  • 6” length
  • 5/32” width
  • 27-gauge annealed steel wire body
  • 1 3/4” by 2” flag size

Wholesale Flag Twist Tie Benefits 

AndFel’s wholesale flag twist ties are the perfect solution for those that need to quickly and easily seal and label their items. These unique pieces of innovation allow for a wide range of benefits, some of which include: 
  • Room to write SKU numbers, prices, weight and more
  • Product sealing capabilities
  • Paper flag accepts pen, pencil, marker and more for labeling

Wholesale Write on Twist Tie Applications 

AndFel’s wholesale flag twist ties provide your customers with a large writing area, as well as a secure twisting closure. Other applicable uses for our write-on paper ties include: 
  • Retail - Retailers that sell in bulk rely on write-on paper twist ties because they make it easy to secure the bag and identify what’s in the bag by writing the product information on the paper flag. Any time you need both security and identification, write-on twist ties are an ideal choice.
  • Food Storage – Flag twist ties keep perishable foods fresh and conveniently labeled.
  • Bulk Food – Nuts, trail mix, pet treats, candy, etc.
  • Marking – Dates, sale prices, SKU numbers, etc.
  • Bulk Hardware – Screw, nuts, bolts, etc.
  • Identification – Cables, wiring, plants, valet keys, coat checks, etc.

Value Driven Wholesale Flag Twist Ties 

Our wholesale write on twist ties provide extreme value when compared to other bag closure options. As an added benefit our wholesale write on cable ties are very consumer friendly due to their responsive design. Write-on paper twist ties can also be reused time and time again, which adds to the overall value of the product.

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