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Wholesale Paper Twist Ties

Paper twist ties are feature a center metal wire made from 27-gauge annealed steel that is encased in thin layer of Kraft paper. Paper twist ties are commonly used to close the openings of garbage bags or as bread bag twist ties and form a closure by wrapping the twist tie around the item or opening, then twisting the two ends together to secure the twist tie.

Cut to Length Paper Twist Ties

AndFel provides cut to length wholesale paper twist ties that are a durable, flexible, and easily removable and reusable solution for countless applications. They’re great for closing bags, attaching labels, bundling or binding wires/cables, and more. In fact, the paper twist tie is probably second only to duct tape for problem-solving versatility.

Paper Twist Ties in a Range of Colors and Sizes

AndFel offers wholesale pre-cut paper twist ties in a range of standard lengths from 4” to 20”. Our paper twist ties are available in a variety of colors to meet your needs. Use color paper twist ties for gift wrapping, bundling treat bags, or to color code cables and other items around the home or office. Click on the individual product links below to see the available colors for each length. Our standard color options include:
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White

Samples of our wholesale paper twist ties are available upon request. See individual product listings for more information and to request a quote, or contact us if you have additional questions.  Not all items listed on our website are stock.  The lead time and minimum quantity will be included in your quote.

Paper Twist Ties Are a Versatile Product for Use Around the Home

Paper twist ties are commonly used as closures for plastic bags, but they also have various other uses. Since they are made of paper and wire, paper twist ties are best for indoor applications or those that do not involve exposure to moisture. Some of the many uses for paper twist ties include:
  • Bundling and marking cables, wires and cords
  • Temporary zipper pulls for bags and clothing
  • Securing/locking the zipper on handbags or luggage
  • Makeshift key rings
  • Bread bag twist ties
  • Bundling pens and pencils
  • Training houseplants or vines
  • Organizing washers and nuts in your toolbox
  • Color code keys or other household items
  • Hold together sheets of loose leaf paper
  • Stitch holder for knitting projects
  • Colorful closures for gifts or treat bags
  • Hanging Christmas ornaments and holiday décor 

Paper Twist Tie Lengths

AndFel provides bread bag twist ties in various pre-cut lengths. Use shorter lengths to hand ornaments and décor, as bag closures or to bundle small items. Longer paper twist ties are ideal for bundling large cables and hoses, using in craft projects, or securing large items. Our wholesale paper twist ties are offered in the following pre-cut lengths:

Contact Us for Wholesale Cut to Length Paper Twist Ties

AndFel is your #1 source for cut to length paper twist ties—whatever your application, we’ve got the size and color you need. We also carry double wire paper twist ties for applications requiring more secure binding. Order wholesale paper twist ties today, or contact us to learn more.