Custom printed cable ties are a specialized variety of the popular disposable fastener.  While they operate in the same way as traditional cable ties, custom printed cable ties include lettering, numbering, or other unique designs printed either directly on the tail of the fastener itself or on a special tag (generally molded onto the head of the cable tie).  Custom printed cable ties can provide brand or product identification, easily-visible sizing information, instructions for use, or nearly any other kind of printed information.



Branded items are always a good way to increase name recognition.  Cable ties custom printed with brand names and logos are a simple, cost-effective option.


Product Identification

Serial numbers, lot numbers and part numbers printed on cable ties can help improve traceability, which is hugely important in many industries.


Safety Information

Hazmat and clinical waste symbols can be added to cable ties to help protect workers by reminding them that the tagged item may be dangerous to their health.


Sizing Information

Using custom printed cable ties to display sizing information allow people to see at a glance whether an item is the correct size.  This is especially useful for products that may look very similar and vary only slightly in size; custom printed cable ties are an excellent solution for promoting clarity.


Instruction for Use

Many manufacturers use printed cable ties to make assembly instructions clear for technicians.  They can also help consumers who buy products that require assembly avoid confusion and save time they might otherwise spend deciphering instructions.


Process for Printing on Cable Ties

AndFel uses a hot stamp process to deboss text or images onto cable ties.  The process is simple and fast but also flexible; AndFel is able to hot stamp very small and very large orders of custom printed cable ties.


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