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Wholesale Truck Door Seals

Truck door seals are an invaluable security measure that allows truck drivers to focus on the road ahead, without worrying about latch failure or theft. There are a wide variety of options for securing truck doors: metal truck door seals, plastic truck door seals, bolt seals and more. At AndFel Corporation, we are confident that you’ll find the best wholesale truck door seals for your vehicles – and budget – in our selection. 

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Easy to Install: Security that’s A Cinch

These truck door seals require no tools for installation, making them a quick and easy way to secure truck trailer doors. All of our truck door seals can be custom printed.
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Truck Door Seal Options: Security that Suits You

Truck door seals are an easy, reliable, and affordable way to secure your cargo. No matter what your cargo is, or how far you’re traveling, we have the seals that provide the security you need. Our extensive inventory includes:

Metal Truck Door Seals

These durable seals offer a high level of lasting security. We offer both metal ball and metal flat truck door seals in wholesale quantities. AndFel can custom-emboss truck door seals with your logo or brand name and sequential numbers.

Plastic Truck Door Seals

If you’re looking for variety in color, numbering, and locking mechanisms, plastic truck door seals are the best option. The Sure-Lock model is our strongest plastic truck door seal. Tite-Lock truck door seals are a more cost-effective choice and offer more custom printing options.

Bolt Seals

Bolt truck door seals can secure your truck trailer doors as tightly as any security seal. They install with just the push of a finger, but require a bolt cutter for removal. All our bolt seals are C-TPAT and ISO 17712 compliant.

Veri-Seal Security Seals

Available in a wide range of colors, Veri-Seals are an affordable security solution. Veri-Seal Security Seals can be custom printed, making it easy for you to add your brand name or logo to truck door seals. Veri-Seals have a tear-off tab for easy removal by hand.

Cable Seals

Ship containers and fasten truck doors securely with cable seals. Available in numerous lengths, these truck door seals are tamper evident, easy to handle, and secure. Our 3.5mm cable seals are C-TPAT compliant.

Custom Printing & Embossing for Truck Door Seals

Most of AndFel’s truck doors seals are sequentially numbered. Select styles can be custom printed or embossed with your company logo, barcodes, or graphics. Printed and embossed truck door seals offer an extra layer of security as well as a personal touch.

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