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Sharp-Tipped Diamond Deadlock Tag Fasteners


AndFel offers diamond-shaped deadlock tag fasteners with sharp tips, ideal for securing shipping tags to packages or attaching meat price tags in butcher shops and grocery stores. Made of durable 17 gauge copper coated steel. Overall length is approximately 1-3/8", and overall width is approximately 3/4". Samples are available upon request.

We also offer diamond deadlock tag fasteners with blunt and semi-blunt tips; blunt-tipped oval deadlock tag fasteners are also available.

Request a quote or place an order for the deadlock tag fasteners you need today. Contact AndFel for more info.

  • Tip Style: Sharp
  • Packaging: 1M/Box : 20M/Ctn
  • Case Size: 17X13X12
  • Color: Copper
  • Weight: 48.00